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Weight loss - done differently

Say goodbye to guess work and yo-yoing...

We're the team behind the The Truth About Weight Loss Summit where every year the world's most trusted doctors and dietitians share the latest strategies and insights...

The fact is: the female body changes with age which makes it harder to lose weight. What works for men or younger women won't work any longer. Which is why we take a totally different approach...

Led by Chef AJ, we've distilled the latest science into a method that is fun (i.e. no weighing and measuring), satisfying (i.e. huge portions) and effective even for women post menopause (more below).

Love your food again

Say goodbye to starving yourself and food boredom...

We LOVE food. In fact Chef AJ and many of our community members describe themselves as food addicts. So if the food wasn't truly enjoyable, Feel Fabulous wouldn't exist...

But there are a few simple rules you need to follow that you'll learn inside the membership. Or skip the science and simply enjoy the recipes from our meal planner to your heart's content - yes, that means no weighing or measuring (see below on how that's possible)!


Feel supported

Say goodbye to overwhelm...

You'll be welcomed in our private community, a safe place away from social media to stay inspired, find support and connect.

You'll have all the resources you need in one place like our weekly meal plans, weight loss vault, cooking demonstrations and more.

And if you ever have a question, just join our regular live sessions to find support, ask questions and get hands-on feedback.

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Results are not typical and may vary

We get it - diets don't work...


They are too restrictive and leave you feeling unsatisfied (you deserve to love food!)


They are designed by and for younger women (what works for them, won't work over 40)


They fail at keeping the weight off (what good is a diet when it ignores the most important part?)


When you're done with the diet, the weight comes roaring back (and then some)

Time to try something NEW

A better way to lose weight

Delicious, satisfying (i.e. eat until you're full!) and good for your health


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"I never thought that losing weight could be that much fun!"

14 days access just $1

When you start your trial today (only $1) you get full member privileges in Feel Fabulous for 14 days. This includes:



  • Weekly meal plan with recipe videos & shopping list
  • Over 140 weight loss recipes
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Create your own meal plan with our recipe planner
  • Print out your favorite recipes with shopping list

The vault

  • Probably the most complete knowledge base on losing weight and enjoying life following the rules of calorie density
  • Powerful search function to quickly find answers to any question across 100+ hours worth videos
  • Ever-growing library of life-changing content
  • Instant access to answers to the most common questions


  • Trusted experts show you how to overcome the most common obstacles
  • Topics include emotional eating, cravings, diabetes and food addiction
  • Search across each video playlist to get answers in seconds
  • Each playlist is like a mini-course

Self Love

  • Relaxing yoga and stretching for all levels
  • Easy-to-follow dance party to get you moving at home
  • Re-wire your brain with a meditation by Chef AJ
  • "I am fabulous" affirmations to own your day!


  • Regular LIVE sessions to connect with the community, exchange tips and find support
  • Private community to find inspiration, share recipes and make new friends (off of Facebook!)
  • Connect with other members and send private messages (perfect to find accountability partners near you)
  • Submit questions to be answered by one of our experts or coaches

You deserve this

We believe you deserve to feel fabulous regardless of your age or how long you've struggled with your weight - and it all starts here today when you join us for just $1!

Expert advice

You're not alone. With over 100 hours of video content by some of the leading experts in healthy weight loss and regular live sessions, there is always someone who's got your back!


Chef AJ

Chef AJ struggled with her weight for over 50 years. After learning about calorie density and how to apply it, Chef AJ has been leading the charge of making the healthiest diet in the world fun and delicious so everyone can lose weight and keep it off. Bestselling author, hosts of various TV, YouTube shows and online summits.


Dr. Doug Lisle

Dr. Lisle is one of the leading authorities of evolutionary psychology in the world. He has been the clinical psychologist at the TrueNorth Health Center for over 30 years. He has published numerous articles in the scientific literature, co-authored of the landmark book "The Pleasure Trap" and continues to consult clients daily.


Dr. Frank Sabatino

With over 40 years of experience Dr. Frank Sabatino is one of the fathers of plant-based nutrition teaching many of the most recognized names in the field. He is widely recognized as one of the leading experts on fasting, hormones and long-term health and conducted extensive breakthrough research on calorie restriction, stress and aging.


These were Chef AJ's shorts - join her in this challenge, learn her recipes and best tips (including those of her mentors!)

Why $1?

We know how life-changing this experience can be for you so we wanted to make it accessible to everyone.

As a young girl Chef AJ would get a dollar from her mom each week. Back then, an ice cream truck would come around the neighborhood and because in the 60s an ice cream bar was only 5 cents, Chef AJ would get 20 of them!

What followed were five decades of struggles until Chef AJ finally discovered the truth about weight loss...

So this $1 is a symbol for all weight loss struggles... But today, that same $1 can set you free when you take it and join us...

$1 can change your life

Here's what this lifestyle has done for others...

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Results are not typical and may vary

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