It’s Time to Declare Your Food Freedom

Escape the claws of addictive foods, crush cravings and lose weight without feeling like you’re missing out - Join the Food Freedom Challenge and We'll Show You How.

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14 Fun & Fulfilling Days

Discover science-based tips, tricks, and hacks to fight your cravings and give up processed foods for good in just 14 days.


Guilt-free Indulgence

Enjoy tantalizing recipes of dishes we love to indulge in… without worrying about your waist line – think burgers, tacos, pizzas, waffles, lasagna, cake & more!


Find Your Tribe

Join a vibrant community of like-minded people who’ll have your back, keep you motivated and understand you.

Why This Challenge?


Dear friend,

Have you ever…

  • Felt guilty after giving into a nagging craving?
  • Used food to numb the stress of the day?
  • Promised yourself to just have a bite and finished the entire pack?
  • Found yourself obsessing about food even though you just ate?
  • Tried giving up foods that you know harm you but couldn't?

The truth is - we've all been there to one extend or another and it hurts to feel powerless!

Especially when we’ve been struggling with our weight for a long time and know the consequences... So we blame ourselves:

I’ve tried so many things but nothing’s worked – it must be me that’s the problem. 

I’m just weak.

I don’t have enough willpower. 

I just can’t do this, no matter how hard I try. 

If this sounds familiar, then this may be the most important message you'll read all year because it’s NOT your fault! And you CAN escape the clutches of addictive foods and leave all of this behind…

Few know what you're up against...

Consider this:

1. Food companies hire thousands of scientists to engineer foods that induce opioid and dopamine hits just like drugs (we over-consume, they profit)

2. Scientific discourse is manipulated: a review of 10 nutrition journals found that 40% of studies looking at processed foods were industry sponsored

3. Your life is flooded with ads to the tune of $14 billion ad spend each year in the US alone (and it's working: TV ads increase a kid's obesity risk by 50%)

It's the playbook of the tobacco industry: create an addictive product, blur its true nature and manipulate habits by any means necessary.

And for now at least they're winning. 60% of calories consumed in the U.S. are from ultra-processed foods even though they've been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and countless chronic diseases...

So how do you escape this evil game of the food industry? Is it even possible?

Well, we thought it's best to prove it to you so we created a 14-day live group challenge and you're invited!

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You can take back control


Here’s what happens when you use the right strategies to counter the constant assault of the food industry on our taste buds and instincts…


Results are not typical and may vary

Diets play into the hands of the food industry


Counting calories doesn't work (unless you're a food accountant) because being off by just 5% means you'll gain 10 pounds per year...


Portion control is futile because if your body doesn't get 3-5 pounds of food a day, it thinks it's starving and cravings and binges will hit you...


When foods can overwrite your satiety mechanism (they do!), cheat days, "burning off calories" and moderation put you back on the slippery slope you're trying to avoid

Most diets (regardless of keto, paleo, vegan, plant based) and weighing and measuring programs get it all wrong. And by doing so, they push you back into the trap set by the food industry...

There is no health without food freedom which is why you're invited to join us for a life-changing experience:

Introducing the Food Freedom Challenge


In just 14 days, you'll discover how to escape the claws of addictive foods, crush cravings and lose weight without feeling like you’re missing out. And because we want you to celebrate your own Independence Day, you get to join for just $97 $1.

Challenge starts 5 July


14 Day Breakthrough

Each day you'll take another step towards food freedom.

You'll discover:

How we get hooked on food (and what to do about it)

Why we get hungry and cravings even after eating

What allows your body to drop pounds without them coming back (breakthrough science even most doctors don't know)

Winning the inner battle so healthy choices prevail

Preventing slip-ups (and how to bounce back)

Rewiring your brain so it doesn't feel like you're giving up anything (do this and cravings will disappear)

Recipes so good you'll wonder how they could possibly cause you to lose weight (and what to do if you're eating out)

… and so much more!

15 minutes a day is all you need. Everything is broken down step by step. Perfect to have a serious breakthrough without overwhelm.

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"This challenge has been great. Not only have I lost 6 pounds and kicked sugar, but my overall cravings have stopped, my mind feels clearer and I'm eating much more healthily."

- Rose


Daily Expert Videos

You'll learn from the leading minds in the field.

You'll receive:

Highlights from over 10 experts interviews (you'd have to buy six different summits for $588 to have access to these videos)

Across our experts you benefit from over 100 years of hands-on experience (each sharing their most powerful insights & tips)

Proven strategies (backed by science and experience)

Advice you can trust (avoid costly, frustrating detours)

Fast track your health journey with daily assignments (no one's checking but you so go at your own pace)

Everything is there for you to be inspired, learn and take action right away! All you have to do is join us...

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"This challenge has changed my life and this is after being in treatment for eating disorder, 12 step weighing/measuring and water only fasting. Now at age 72, I feel and believe I have found the truth about weight loss. Thank you so much. ♥️💃"

- Prem S.


Guilt-free indulgence

Finally lose weight without missing out!

You'll learn about the science during the challenge but just imagine being able to enjoy delicious dishes to your heart's content and still lose weight... It's like every day is a celebration!

Recipes include:

Eggplant Lasagna (perfect for the whole family)

Cauli-Mac & No Cheese (everyone’s fave convenient meal, made healthy)

Lentil-shell Tacos (bust these out on Taco Tuesdays!)

Ice Cream Sammies (a tasty treat to end your day)

Savory Waffles (great for lazy Sunday mornings)

Mushroom “Burger” Patties and Fries (who doesn’t love a good burger!)

Rhubarb Upside Down Cake (sure to satisfy your dessert craving)

You’ll get a new recipe each day so you’ll always have something amazing to satisfy your tummy and taste buds…

PLUS: During the challenge, you'll get free access to Feel Fabulous with over 150 weight-loss recipes, meal plans and more.

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"It's not restrictive. It's just the opposite. It's freeing. Eat whenever you want and fully enjoy. Wow. I'm just so grateful for feeling good. And many friends have remarked that my skin is glowing. Thank you!"

- Bobby M.


Challenge Playbook

Breeze through the challenge and stay on top of things.

You've got enough on your plate so to make this a fun and inspiring experience, YOU get to set your own goal and reward for the challenge (you do you baby!).

And to help you stay on track and reward yourself at the end, we've created a beautiful 30+ page Challenge Playbook which includes:

Challenge tracker

Reward planner

Note pages

Inspiring quotes

Shopping list for recipes

No stress, no fuss, no overwhelm. Simply download it, print it out and enjoy the ride 🙂

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"Inspired, motivated and determined!. Thanks a lot for these great days and the amazing community. Many women just need a tribe and this is a great one. 🙏🏽"

- Orlanda M.


Support & Community

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersol

Something magical happens when you connect with like-minded people and come together in the pursuit of a shared goal... The fact is: you can't expect to beat the food industry, fad diets and cravings all by yourself - and you don't have to!

Throughout the challenge, there'll always be someone who has your back:

24/7 private community forum moderated by one of our success coaches (outside of Facebook and social media)

Member directory & private messaging function (connect and make new friends in a safe environment)

2 live sessions per week (virtual but perfect to learn best practices, ask questions and see each other)

Everyone in our community has a story to tell (or many). Chances are that you'll find others who've been in your shoes and are willing to help you... We're all in this together and when you join the challenge, you become part of the family!

And of course, you get the same support our customers receive in case of any technical questions.

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"I have signed up for WW 3 times. This forum, I feel is more suitable for my lifestyle and provides more support. Thank you again!"

- Rachel H.


30 Days Full Access To Feel Fabulous

So much more than a challenge...

The only way we can afford to offer this challenge for $1 instead of $97 is by running it on our membership platform "Feel Fabulous".

And because we want you to succeed beyond the challenge, we're giving you a free 30-day trial (cancel any time) with access to everything our members get:

The Feel Fabulous Kickstart series (master the basics of losing weight with a full plate)

Weight Loss vault: Powerful search across 100+ hours of video content (find answers in seconds)

Food: 150+ weight loss recipes, weekly meal plans, meal planner and cooking demos

Mind & Body: Gentle yoga flows, doable exercise routines for all levels, meditation and affirmations

Connection: Weekly live-check ins, private forum off of Facebook

And much more!

We've seen so many people literally jump-start their health and weight loss journey during the free trial. Of course, we hope you'll become a member but you can cancel any time and still complete the challenge.

And even if you forget to cancel or change your mind - you'll have an additional 30 days to ask for a refund. Sound fair? Then join us!

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"I've been able to maintain this weight loss for the first time in my life. I am reprogramming this brain after 65 years of the wrong programming. The challenges bring it home for me. Thank you so much for all you do to help us transcend this addiction!"

- Janet A.

Join the Food Freedom Challenge

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$97 Only $1


Starts 5 July (the only time this year)

What Our Members Say


A lot can happen in 14 days! Check out what our members have achieved in previous challenges and you could be next… 


Results are not typical and may vary

You only live once...


"You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West

Before you know it, another month has passed. And then it's a new year... Time - your life - just disappears when you're stuck in the diet rut. And it's not even your fault. The food and weight loss industry have created a cruel dance of false hope, despair and artificial dopamine hits...

But you deserve better! You deserve to be healthy, to feel amazing, to live on your own terms. If you feel the same, then join the Food Freedom Challenge and break free today...

Join the Food Freedom Challenge


(if you miss out, you'll have to wait until next year to do this challenge)


Here's What You Get when you sign up right now:

14 Day Food Freedom Challenge (starts July 5 - the only time this year)

Daily Expert Videos (achieve a major breakthrough in just 15 min day)

Practical tips & assignments (implement what you learn right away)

Delicious, weight loss recipes (so good every day feels like a celebration)

2 live sessions per week (be inspired, ask questions and connect)

24/7 online forum moderated by our success coach (NOT Facebook)

Beautiful 30+ page playbook (make the most of this challenge)

FREE 30-day trial of Feel Fabulous (150+ recipes, meal plans, weight loss vault, Feel Fabulous Kickstart and much more)

$97 Only $1


Starts 5 July (the only time this year)

How does this work?


We believe that joining Feel Fabulous is by far the best thing you could ever do for permanent weight loss and long-term health so we wanted to make it a no-brainer for you to at least give it a try...

That's why you get to join the Food Freedom Challenge for just $1 (instead of $97).

You'll also get to try Feel Fabulous for 30 days free of charge. You can cancel any time or become a member for $27 per month afterwards.

And just to be clear:

You can cancel your 30-day trial the very next second after signing up and you'll still get to complete the challenge, you'll still only pay $1 and you'll still have 30-days access to everything...

And if you forget to cancel your trial or change your mind, you have a month to request a refund.

If that sounds fair, join us!


You'll be welcomed by amazing, caring members who've been in your shoes and who have your back throughout the challenge and beyond!