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Bonus 1

No Chef, No Problem

Worth $97

Weight loss happens in the kitchen. But where do you start? How do you prepare satisfying dishes without being a chef or spending hours in the kitchen? In this 14-part series you'll discover:

43 Fast & Easy Recipes (created to keep you full without overeating on calories)

Equipment Tips (save your time and sanity!!!)

Essential Techniques (knife skills, cooking techniques, re-purposing ingredients, storage)

Plating & Presentation (wow your guests - or yourself - with stunning dishes)

Air Fryer & Instant Pot Downloads (includes cooking times, water ratios and safety tips)

Prep & Storage (conquer the chaos and spend more time enjoying your food)


"This challenge has been great. Not only have I kicked sugar, but my overall cravings have stopped, my mind feels clearer and I'm eating much more healthily."

- Rose


Bonus 2

2 Weekly Live Sessions

Worth $199

Join 2 weekly live sessions with our success coaches and community. Over the duration of your $1 trial that's 10 hours of LIVE interaction.


Accountability framework (includes our weekly intention worksheet)

Breakout rooms (small discussion groups - perfect to make new friends)

Best practices and hands-on tips (plus you'll have access to our knowledge vault)

Feel supported and understood (our Saturday session are not recorded to create a safe space to open up)

Celebrate victories (it's much more fun and inspiring to celebrate your victories together)

IMPORTANT: All sessions are open mic so spots are limited

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"Inspired, motivated and determined!. Thanks a lot for these great days and the amazing community. Many women just need a tribe and this is a great one. 🙏🏽"

- Orlanda M.

FFOF Kickstart Screenshots v2-01

Bonus 3

7-Day Feel Fabulous Kickstart

Worth $69

Discover exactly what we do, why we do it and start building the foundation for a healthy life:

Day 1: The Secrets to a healthy lifestyle

Day 2: Eating For Satiety and Saying Goodbye To Crash Diets

Day 3: Why We Don’t Weigh And Measure

Day 4: Why Eating For Health Comes First

Day 5: The #1 Predictor For Long-Term Success

Day 6: How To Bounce Back From Slip Ups

Day 7: Why We Self-Sabotage And How To Stop It

Each day consists of a powerful expert video and additional resources.

If you've ever wondered how to get started, this series is for you!

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"I've been able to stay lean for the first time in my life. I am reprogramming this brain after 65 years of the wrong programming. The challenges bring it home for me. Thank you so much for all you do to help us transcend this addiction!"

- Janet A.

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"I have eaten healthily since June 15 and the Kick Sugar Challenge helped me. So thrilled to be without SOFAS!"

- Sherry S.


"I was on the Kick Sugar Challenge but also eliminated salt, oil, flour, and alcohol. I also have felt more alert. Last night I went to a church meeting and several people told me I looked bright! It’s encouragement to keep going!"

- Karen S.


"I'm here for the long haul. Convinced! Off sofas 100% since July 1st. Doing things with my sore hand that I haven't been able to do in a long time. So excited to try more recipes and watch more vids."

- Cindy S.


"I can’t wait to feel and look good in my clothes again. Thank you for this program. I already feel empowered just getting through these first few days successfully. Real food! Who would have thought?!"

- Amy C.

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30 days access just $1


When you start your trial today (only $1), you get full member privileges in Feel Fabulous for 30 days. This includes:



  • Weekly meal plan with recipe videos & shopping list
  • Over 200 healthy, plant-based, low-calorie recipes
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Create your own meal plan with our recipe planner
  • Print out your favorite recipes with shopping list

The vault

  • Extensive knowledge base on building and enjoying life following the rules of calorie density
  • Powerful search function to quickly find answers to any question across 150+ hours worth of videos
  • An ever-growing library of expert content
  • Instant access to answers to the most common questions


  • Trusted experts show you how to overcome the most common obstacles
  • Topics include emotional eating, cravings, food addiction and more
  • Search across each video playlist to get answers in seconds
  • Each playlist is like a mini-course

Self Love

  • Relaxing yoga and fun workouts for all levels
  • Easy-to-follow dance party to get you moving at home
  • Find your center with a guided meditation by Chef AJ
  • "I am fabulous" affirmations to own your day!


  • 2x weekly LIVE sessions to connect with the community, exchange tips and find support
  • Private community to find inspiration, share recipes and make new friends
  • Connect with other members and send private messages (perfect to find accountability partners near you)
  • Submit questions to be answered by one of our trusted experts

Age doesn't have to define us

We believe everyone deserves to feel fabulous regardless of their age and we'd be thrilled to welcome you on the inside!

Meet your coaches


As a member you're never alone and will get answers you can trust


Dr. Frank Sabatino

Past Health Director of some of the world's leading health centers where he cared for, lectured and inspired thousands of people for 45 years. Tutor to many of the most well-known experts in the field.


Zena Alam

Certified in both the eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Program and Dr. McDougall’s Starch Solution Program. Over two decades of experience including coaching thousands in our programs.


Pam Miller

Registered nurse for 27 years and a family nurse practitioner for 14. Certified in Plant Based Nutrition by eCornell, trained as coach by Wellcoaches and coached participants in our programs.


These were Chef AJ's shorts - join Feel Fabulous today, learn her recipes and best tips (including those of her mentors!)

Why $1?

Chef AJ is one of our heroines and former host of Feel Fabulous.

As a young girl, Chef AJ would get a dollar from her mom each week. Back then, an ice cream truck would come around the neighborhood and because in the 60s an ice cream bar was only 5 cents, Chef AJ would get 20 of them!

What followed were five decades of struggles until Chef AJ finally discovered what you're about to learn...

So this $1 symbolizes our shared struggles and is also all it takes to explore a new path when you take it and join us...

A fresh start


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30-Days Feel Fabulous

Includes over 200 healthy recipes, meal plans, private forum, knowledge vault with over 150 hours of searchable video content, playlists, gentle exercise modules, cooking demos and much, much more

Younger in 14 Challenge (worth $97)

Only in September. Build habits for aging healthfully in 14 days with daily expert videos, assignments, challenge playbook, challenge tracker, exclusive recipes, private forum and more.

7-Day Feel Fabulous Kickstart (worth $69)

Discover exactly what we do and why we do it. Each day consists of a powerful expert video and additional resources.

2 Weekly Live Sessions (worth $199)

Limited spots due to open mic. Join 2 weekly live sessions with our success coaches and community. That's over 10 hours of live interactions during your trial.

How does this work?


We'd be honored to be part of your health journey and wanted to make it a no-brainer for you to at least give Feel Fabulous a try...

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