Feel Fabulous Over Forty Membership

Lose the weight and move towards health each and every day so you can live life to the fullest regardless your age*

*without dieting, yo-yoing, shame or judgement


The world's most powerful weight loss secrets and strategies, now yours


Unlock your body's healing potential and weight loss mechanisms one by one - even those that the most expensive programs don't cover because they simply don't have the time to go this deep. And all throughout your journey you'll be supported by the world's best experts and community. All on one single online platform without any additional costs.


"Losing weight was always a "white-knuckle" experience where I deprived myself and was miserable. No more! I'm completely satisfied and content. I wish one of my doctors would have pointed me in this direction earlier in life. But at 63 years old I can say that it's never too late to make a positive change. I'm happy to be here and very grateful for the continued information and support. "

- Wanda M.

Breakthroughs that will last a lifetime


We have zero interest in temporary results. We've yo-yoed enough. That's why Feel Fabulous is designed to help you thrive from the inside out.


Nourish your body

100% plant-based and following the rules of calorie density but so delicious you won't miss a thing


Be Active

Once you eat right, you no longer have to sweat to lose weight. So we do things that are fun instead.


Love yourself

Win the mental game from a place of self-love and using the latest strategies in evolutionary psychology


Overcome Cravings

Learn how to prevent and overcome cravings without giving up your love for food (aka guilt-free indulgence)


Remove blockages

Toxins, hormones, sleep patterns, your GI tract, stress... you'll remove one weight loss blockage after the other


feel supported

Creating a healthy lifestyle can feel overwhelming so you'll love having access to experts and making new friends


"I was on the Kick Sugar Challenge but also eliminated salt, oil, flour, and alcohol. I also have felt more alert. Last night I went to a church meeting and several people told me I looked bright! It’s encouragement to keep going!"

- Karen S.

You're no longer alone on this journey


Imagine having to take on giant food companies with thousands of scientists, marketers and billions to spend all by yourself... It's a losing battle, unless you've got a tribe who's got your back and now you do!


2 weekly live sessions

Connect with likeminded people who get you, live! The best part: one of our weekly sessions is unrecorded so you have a safe place to open up and ask the tough questions.

24/7 private forum

Our forum is accessed through the member center - not Facebook. This is where we share our best tips, pick each other up and you can even private message others.

Live cooking demos & workouts

If you ever lack the motivation to try a healthy recipe or get a sweat, these fun and interactive live sessions are for you (replays are added to the member center).


"Inspired, motivated and determined!. Thanks a lot for these great days and the amazing community. Many women just need a tribe and this is a great one. ????????"

- Orlanda M.

Three reasons to join today (just $1)



New Year's resolutions set you up for failure

Have you ever given up on New Year's Resolutions? We all have. A survey showed that 80% of resolutions die by February. Instead of rushing into the year and burning out again you need a new approach:


Join the New Year, Fabulous Me Challenge

No one knows you better than you. You and your circumstances are unique. You don't need another one-size-fits-all diet or program. What you need are a set of frameworks and simple rules that allow you to plan and take action at your own pace.

That's exactly what the "New Year, Fabulous Me Challenge" is all about. It's a revolutionary 14-day self-coaching program and you've got to hurry if you want to join (FREE when you register today).


Stop wasting money on diets & programs

Instead of wasting your money, all you need to start the year off right is $1 and a "Maybe":

If you join us today, you'll pay just $1 for the first 30 days. That means for the cost of a sliced apple at McDonalds you'll experience 30 transformative days.

And if for whatever reason you don't want to continue after the 30 days, just click the cancel button or let us know. No questions asked and we'll still be friends.


"This challenge has been great. Not only have I lost 6 pounds and kicked sugar, but my overall cravings have stopped, my mind feels clearer and I'm eating much more healthily."

- Rose

Don't Miss The New Year, Fabulous Me Challenge


Set yourself up for success without overwhelm

Starts January 3 - FREE when you join us today

With the guidance of our Feel Fabulous coach, Pam Miller, you'll create a personal plan for 2023, build healthy habits, and develop qualities that will help you achieve your health goals at your own pace…

In 14 life-changing days you'll discover:

  • How to uncover your true Why (super powerful)
  • Ways to create personalized goals that actually work (and what NOT to do)
  • How to redefine success in your own terms (because success looks different for everyone)
  • The myth of willpower (and how to stay the course on tough days)
  • Hacks to develop healthy habits (and most importantly: make them stick!)
  • How we self-sabotage ourselves (did you know for example that "going all in" may hold you back?)
  • The power of being kind to yourself (it’s time to stop beating yourself up…)
  • Why we can't follow through even though we know better (and what to do about it)
  • How to be more resilient in the face of tough times (this is the key to not giving up)

… and so much more!

15 minutes a day is all you need and you'll reap the benefits all throughout the year...


How the challenge works

Think of the challenge as a step-by-step video based program - just that you'll go through it with a vibrant community and support:

14 daily videos

Led by Pam Miller, registered nurse for 28 years and Feel Fabulous coach, you'll discover a new concept each day

Daily assignments

Implement the lessons and fast track your journey

Challenge playbook

Stay on top of things, complete your assignments and reward yourself at the end of the challenge


You'll go through the challenge together with our community inside our forum and live sessions


All recipes are 100% plant based and follow the rules of calorie density so you can indulge without guilt and still lose weight...

Recipes include Pea Guacamole on Sweet Potato Toasts, Beetroot & Oregano Hummus, Pear & Arugula Salad, Brown Rice Risotto with Butternut Squash and more - or pick any of over 300 recipes in our member center.


"I've been able to maintain this weight loss for the first time in my life. I am reprogramming this brain after 65 years of the wrong programming. The challenges bring it home for me. Thank you so much for all you do to help us transcend this addiction!"

- Janet A.

30 days & everything you need for just $1


When you start your trial today (only $1), you'll not only get to participate in the New Year, Fabulous Me Challenge - you get INSTANT full member privileges for 30 days. This includes:


Enjoy amazing recipes

  • Weekly meal plan with recipe videos & shopping list
  • Over 300 healthy, plant-based, low-calorie recipes
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations
  • Create your own meal plan with our recipe planner
  • Print out your favorite recipes with shopping list

Learn from the best

  • Extensive knowledge base on building and enjoying life following the rules of calorie density
  • Powerful search function to quickly find answers to any question across 150+ hours worth of videos
  • An ever-growing library of expert content
  • Instant access to answers to the most common questions

Overcome obstacles

  • Trusted experts show you how to overcome the most common obstacles
  • Topics include emotional eating, cravings, food addiction and more
  • Search across each video playlist to get answers in seconds
  • Each playlist is like a mini-course

Practice self-love

  • Relaxing yoga and fun workouts for all levels
  • Easy-to-follow dance party to get you moving at home
  • Find your center with a guided meditation by Chef AJ
  • "I am fabulous" affirmations to own your day!

Find your tribe

  • 2x weekly LIVE sessions to connect with the community, exchange tips and find support
  • Private community to find inspiration, share recipes and make new friends
  • Connect with other members and send private messages (perfect to find accountability partners near you)
  • Submit questions to be answered by one of our trusted experts

"I have signed up for WW 3 times. This forum, I feel is more suitable for my lifestyle and provides more support. Thank you again!"

- Rachel H.

Weight loss for food lovers


Tired of weighing and measuring? Then you'll love this:


Eat as much as you want, whenever you want

Instead of restricting portions, we eliminate unnecessary calories and only keep what provides flavor and satiety. The result is a tantalizing collection over 300 recipes you can dig into without guilt or the need to restrict yourself in any way.

100% Plant-Based

Sugar-Oil-Flour-Alcohol-Salt Free

Gluten Free

Max satiety with minimal calories


"It's not restrictive. It's just the opposite. It's freeing. Eat whenever you want and fully enjoy. Wow. I'm just so grateful for feeling good. And many friends have remarked that my skin is glowing. Thank you!"

- Bobby M.

Get ready for a transformative year


If you decide to stay with us after the trial (it's less than 50 cents a day), you can look forward to transforming your health month by month with these group challenges:


New Year, Fabulous Me

Because resolutions and programs will burn you out



The Truth About Weight Loss

Hang out with the community at the leading online weight loss conference - for free



Kick Sugar

Because sugar is the #1 craving and you can satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy manner



Clean 15

Because "cleaning up" your diet doesn't have to be bland or boring



Sassy By Summer

Because summer comes sooner than you think and crash diets aren't the solution



Feel Alive

Because we've got to move - not to lose weight but to feel great



Food Freedom

Because we've got to take control of our food if we want long-term health



Daily Detox

Because toxins sneak up on us and are one of the major weight loss blockers



Younger in 14

Because we want to feel great not just today - but also next year and - touch wood - next decade



No Chef, No Problem

Because you shouldn't need culinary training to love your food



Healthy Holidays

Because you shouldn't have to compromise your health goals to enjoy the holidays



10 Days of Gratitude

Because we all need time to reflect and gather strength for the new year


It's all here for you - all you have to do is give it a try


Don't let another year pass you bye. You don't have to be perfect. You just have to be willing to try! In the worst case, you'll enjoy new recipes, lose a couple of pounds and meet some amazing people...


"I have been stuck at 1 weight for at least 6 months. I’m down 6 pounds since starting the challenge and also have huge amounts of energy! So encouraged! The videos and interviews have helped so much. Every day, every choice makes a difference. "

- Clare N.

Meet your coaches


As a member you're never alone and will get answers you can trust


Dr. Frank Sabatino

Past Health Director of some of the world's leading health centers where he cared for, lectured and inspired thousands of people for 45 years. Tutor to many of the most well-known experts in the field.


Zena Alam

Certified in both the eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Program and Dr. McDougall’s Starch Solution Program. Over two decades of experience including coaching thousands in our programs.


Pam Miller

Registered nurse for 28 years and a family nurse practitioner for 14. Certified in Plant Based Nutrition by eCornell, trained as coach by Wellcoaches and seasoned Feel Fabulous coach.

Age doesn't have to define us

We believe everyone deserves to feel fabulous regardless of their age and we'd be thrilled to welcome you on the inside!

Ready for a new beginning?


Just imagine...

Feeling good about yourself and where you're going...

Treating yourself right instead of beating yourself up with crash diets or harsh words...

Losing weight in a slow but enjoyable and predictable manner without going hungry...

Waking up full of optimism and knowing what concrete steps you can take each day...

Having found your tribe that's got your back every step of the way...

All this and more can be yours - all it takes is for you to say "maybe" and start your trial today.

We prefer doing things the right way instead of quick fixes. If that sounds like what you'd do, give Feel Fabulous Over Forty a try and we promise you'll feel right at home! It's just $1 for the first 30 days. You can cancel any time at the click of a button. Or, if you end up loving it, become a member for $147 a year (only 40 cents a day!).


"I decided to go for it because I have totally immersed myself in this lifestyle to make sure the changes stick. I’m glad I did. All in all, a great learning experience! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"

- Julie C.


"I'm here for the long haul. Convinced! Off sofas 100% since July 1st. Doing things with my sore hand that I haven't been able to do in a long time. So excited to try more recipes and watch more vids."

- Cindy S.


"I can’t wait to feel and look good in my clothes again. Thank you for this program. I already feel empowered just getting through these first few days successfully. Real food! Who would have thought?!"

- Amy C.

How does this work?


We believe that joining Feel Fabulous is by far the best thing you could ever do for permanent weight loss and long-term health so we wanted to make it a no-brainer for you to at least give it a try...

That's why you get to join the New Year, Fabulous Me Challenge for just $1 (instead of $97).

You'll also get to try Feel Fabulous for 30 days free of charge. You can cancel any time or become a member at a discounted rate of $147 per year afterwards.

And just to be clear:

You can cancel your 30-day trial the very next second after signing up and you'll still get to complete the challenge, you'll still only pay $1 and you'll still have 30-days access to everything...

And if you forget to cancel your trial or change your mind, you have a month to request a refund.

If that sounds fair, join us!


You'll be welcomed by amazing, caring members who've been in your shoes and who have your back throughout the challenge and beyond!