Is self-sabotage real?

There are ups and downs in the path to living more healthfully and it’s totally normal. Changing our behaviors and thought patterns takes time and effort.

If you’ve ever struggled with self-sabotage, then this video is for you. 

Hear from Dr. Doug Lisle, clinical psychologist and a guest expert in Feel Fabulous, as he reveals the connection between the pleasure trap, the ego trap, and why we self-sabotage.



Chef AJ:

Do you believe in the concept of self-sabotage or is it just the pleasure trap?

Dr. Doug Lisle:

No, there is… self-sabotage is the ego trap. Remember how I explained that one of the things that can happen is if a person is… if the pleasure trap lures them in and they take a drink when they shouldn’t have okay. Or they ate some crap and they shouldn’t have. 

What can happen is the self-sabotaging process can be as follows. And that is that out of the embarrassment that they are not living up to their own standards or the standards of what other people would expect of them, they will then sometimes go wholesale the wrong direction. And the reason why they’re doing that is in order to protect their status. They’re basically saying, you cannot judge what I’m doing now. Don’t judge my performance on my performance’s sake, because I’m not trying. This is the ego trap.

So this is the notion of I’m not trying, you can’t judge me now because I haven’t really started to try yet. And I’m taking the day off or I’m taking the month off or I’m taking, I’m not doing anything until this big project is over. The alcoholic says, I’m going to start tomorrow. Don’t judge me today. I know that I got a problem. I’m going to do something about it, but not today. So don’t judge the fact that I’m knocking down a fifth of Jack Daniels today because I’m not trying today. 

That is self-sabotage. And that self-sabotage is a very uniquely human characteristic that I have termed the ego trap. And the reasons for that are the deep evolutionary pressures to protect our status by basically saying I’m better than the performance that you’re watching right now. That’s what people will do. And that’s a big problem around the pleasure trap.

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